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With 30 years of experience inherited from Centralair, the Centork hydraulic actuators range fulfill the different applications of industrial valve actuation. 

Applying our long experience in the pneumatics and hydraulics fields and our knowledge as manufacturers of Actuators and Positioners, Centork can offer complete and reliable solutions. 
Multi-turn Hydraulic Actuators

Developed from the same design than the Centork electric actuators, the multiturn Hydraulic actuators are the answer to the need, in certain industries, for actuators with a hydraulic power supply for multiturn applications and including a Torque and Position control.

Based in the use of hydraulic motors instead of the usual electric motors. This way all the mechanical characteristics of the electric actuators, specially the PTCS system, are maintained but with a hydraulic power supply.

Main characteristics:

  • Multiturn, Quarter-turn or Linear Actuators.
  • Torque range from 10 Nm to 12000 Nm.
  • Torque and position setting.
  • Output flanges and couplings according to ISO 5210.
  • Handwheel for manual operation.
  • High degree of weatherproof protection IP67 (IP68 optional). High quality corrosion protection.
  • ATEX (Explosives ATmospheres) certificates.
  • Wide range of switching and signalling options.

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