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Applying our long experience and knowledge as manufacturers of Actuators and Positioners, Centork can offer complete and reliable solutions. 
Linear Positioners                                          Rotary Positioners
       Linear Positioners                                           Rotary Positioners

The external spring positioners are the ideal complement to control, according to a pneumatic or electric control signal, the linear movement of conventional pneumatic cylinders.

The series 120 linear positioner valve is mounted on the base plate, forming a compact assembly of reduced dimensions, directly fittable to the rear cover of any pneumatic cylinder.

The feedback spring, with its mounting accesories, are supplied according to the length of the stroke of each particular cylinder.

  • 1701.PR120: Direct Linear Pneumatic Positioner.
  • 1701.PR120R: Reverse Linear Pneumatic Positioner.
  • 1701.PR121: Direct Linear Electro-Pneumatic Positioner.
  • 1701.PR121R: Reverse Linear Electro-Pneumatic Positioner.

               120 Series   Download catalogue

The 640 series linear positioners are designed for process control valves with linear pneumatic actuators and very short strokes.

The mounting of the positioner is done on the control valve using a mounting kit according to Namur standard.

        640 Series   Download catalogue

The Linear positioners with characterizable cam convert the pneumatic cylinder´s linear movement into the rotary movement neede by the PR730 series positioners.

The cam ca be configurated, if needed, in such a way that the cylinder position is not linear to the input signal, allowing to adapt it to the characteristics of the actuated valve.

This type of mounting is compact and the most suitable for long actuation strokes.

According to the kind of input signal required, the different types of PR730 series positioners are:

  • 1730.PR730: Pneumatic Positioner (signal 0,2-1 Kg/cm2 or 3-15 psi).
  • 1731.PR731: Electro-Pneumatic Positioner (signal 4-20 mA).
  • 1735.PR735: Electro-Pneumatic Positioner (signal 0-10 V.).
  • 1733.PR733: Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Intrinsic safety (Eexia IICT6 ATEX).

This range of positioners is completed with a complete range of signaling options.

Electro-Pneumatic positioners with limit switches and/or TPS electronic position transmitter (4-20 mA), series 173_.T1SV3, 173_.PRSV3 and 173_.T173_.

For more technical data see corresponding datasheets.

        730 Series Download catalogue

The Rotary positioners control the movement of the rotary pneumatic actuators according to a proportional control signal.

According to the type of proportional inputn signal, the different types of positioners of the 720 series are:

  • 1720.PR720: Rotary pneumatic Positioner (signal 0,2-1 Kg/cm2 or 3-15 psi).
  • 1721.PR721: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner (signal 4-20 mA).
  • 1725.PR725: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner (signal 0-10 V.).
  • 1723.PR723: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner, Intrinsic safety (Eexia IICT6 ATEX).

This range of positioners are completed with a number of switchingand signalling options.

Electropneumatic Positioners with limit switches and/or TPS Electronic position transmitter (4-20 mA), series 172_.T1SV3, 172_.PRSV3 and 172_.T172_.

For more detailed technical information see corresponding datasheets.

The PR-720 series positioners are designed according to NAMUR (VDI/VDE 3845) standards, both for the mounting onto the pneumatic actuator as well as for the addition of other required accesories on them.

 Download catalogue

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