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Động cơ

NORD cung cấp động cơ điện theo dải từ 0.12 kW đến 200 kW.

Smooth motors 

Glattmotor_1   Glattmotor_2   Glattmotor_3   Glattmotor_4

Hiệu suất: 0,37 - 2,2 kW

Motors with smooth surfaces are especially easy to clean thoroughly. In particular in combination with gear units with smooth surfaces (e.g. helical or bevel gear units from the NORDBLOC.1 series or SMI worm gear units) these motors are excellently suited for uses with high hygienic requirements, for example in the food industry. 

NORD systems made from aluminium also comply with protection class IP69K, so that they can be cleaned with high pressure liquids. Thanks to the washdown design, these liquids drain off quickly and reliably. For optimum corrosion protection, these motors can also be equipped with an nsd tupH coating. With these properties, the lightweight metal versions are a very attractive alternative to stainless steel drive units - not only in food production and other hygienically sensitive areas, but also in harsh environments with atmospheres containing salt water. 

Further practical advantages of NORD smooth motors include: 

  • High efficiency for a long service life, reduced operating costs and low heat dissipation (on request, surface temperatures of below +60 °C can be achieved)
  • Maximum flexibility due to the NORD modular system (combination with all types of gear unit)
  • Optional equipment with brakes, fans and other extras (see "Options" tab) 

NORD develops its own motors and supplies them to all the major markets throughout the world. Our own developments ensure a high level of independence from external suppliers and therefore provides our customers with the decisive advantage of short and highly dependable delivery times.

Explosion protected motors (Gas Atmospheres)

ATEX druckfestgekapselter Stirnradgetriebemotor   ATEX druckfestgekapselter Flachgetriebemotor   ATEX druckfestgekapselter Kegelradgetriebemotor   ATEX druckfestgekapselter Stirnradgetriebemotor

Hiệu suất: 0,12 - 1000 kW

Explosion protected NORD motors can be supplied according to ATEX Categories 2G and 3G. Various solutions are available on the basis of ignition protection classes "Increased safety" (e), "Pressure resistant encapsulation" (d/de) and "Non-Sparking Design" (n). 

NORD has many years' experience in gas and dust explosion protection and has produced explosion protected drive units which comply with the requirements of the European Directive 94/9/EC since 2003. Certification is performed by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and by the DEKRA EXAM GmbH. 

Drive units with combined protection for gas and dust atmospheres (Categories 2 or 3) are available on request. However, these cannot be used in environments where there are hybrid mixtures, i.e. where hazardous gases and particles occur simultaneously. 

NORD supplies motors from its own development for all important markets world wide. This autonomy offers customers the decisive advantage of short and highly reliable delivery times.

Roller table motors 

Roller table motors for applications in the steel industry
Rollgangsmotor für den Einsatz in der Stahlindustrie

Throughout the world, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides sophisticated and future-proof solutions for processes in the steel and aluminium industry, which cater for present and future requirements. Extensive expertise for the metals industry enables NORD to supply tough, custommanufactured drives suited to the extreme environments in this field. 

Solutions are available e.g. for: 

  • Continuous casting
  • Furnaces
  • Hot rolling
  • Accelerated cooling zones
  • Handling
  • Processing lines 

Unventilated (IC 410) Motors – reliable under extreme conditions. 

  • Completely enclosed design (up to IP66)
  • Available as circular fin or longitudinal fin designs
  • Shock-absorbing cast iron housings EN‑GJL-200 (GG200)
  • Reinforced A end shield made from robust cast iron EN‑GJS-400-15 (GGG40)
  • Heavy-duty bearings and shafts
  • Individual project-based winding adaption
  • Hard torque characteristics with high breakdown torque value
  • Insulation systems for inverter feedings
  • Insulation class ISO H 

Ventilated (IC411 or IC416) NORD motors and other options are also available. 

NORD provides highly durable solutions designed to withstand severe electrical and mechanical stress. Users can rely on uncompromised performance even in extremely demanding applications, e.g. featuring: 

  • 24/7 operation
  • High acceleration rates
  • Heavy shock loads
  • Reversing operation
  • High ambient temperatures
  • High pressure water and tinder




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