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Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable area (VA) flowmeters provide a cost effective solution for measuring moderate to very low flow rates in a wide variety of liquids and gases. ABB’s flowmeter portfolio includes a comprehensive line of metal, glass and purge flowmeters suitable for any application. From the smallest flow ranges required in laboratory applications to high flow rates in industrial applications, ABB’s variable area instruments can be used in many applications.

ABB's variable area flowmeters are the most widely used brand in the world, with millions of installations over the past 70+ years.
  • Well-proven, robust metal tube flowmeters suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • More than 70 years of excellence from ABB based on the Fischer & Porter heritage.
  • Simple indicators requiring no electrical power to meters with alarm sensors with HART communication meet the needs of any application.
  • All-metal design ensures that even under extreme conditions measuring the flow rate of gases and liquids is straightforward
  • Simultaneous indication of flow and counter, user-friendly menu, configurable switching output simplify commissioning

+ Metal tube

VA Master FAM540FAM3200

Gases and LiquidsGases and Liquids
Elevated pressure and/or temperatureElevated pressure and/or temperature
Hazardous/toxic liquidsHazardous/toxic liquids
Stainless steel or PTFE wetted partsStainless steel wetted parts
Flanged or hygienic connectionsScrewed connections
Std./ EEx
DN15 - DN1000,1 l/h to 3000 l/h (H2O)
Accuracy class 1,6Accuracy class 6

+ Glass tube


Gases and LiquidsGases and Liquids
Low/Medium temp/pressLow/Medium temp/press
Non-hazardous liquids
Brass/stainless steel/PVC/PVDF connectionsBrass or st. steel connections
O-ring sealsO-ring seals
EEx alarmsEEX alarms
1/16 to 2 in.1/16 to 1/4 in.
Various accuracy classesVarious accuracy classes

1. Data sheet - VA Master FAM540 - Metal cone variable area flowmeter

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